You took ahold of my hand
Lead me up to the dance floor
Spun me once
I then held on to you
With everything I had
For I knew that it would be
“Our Last Dance”
Holding on to you
I embraced all of my senses
To enjoy only you
I can still feel you
The soft satiny materials of your suit
Your heart beating against mine
The way you held me
Your smell
For I knew that it would be


“Our Last Dance”
I knew that I would never have
A moment like this again
I wanted to remember everything
You are my everything
And I have to let you go now
For the dance is over
It was
“Our Last Dance”

My memory isn’t the best so I try to use all of my senses to suck up all of everything in that moment, in every moment. It’s all gone in a flash….. I can still feel “Our Last Dance” and it is a wonderful memory that no one can take away from me.
I have no idea what song was even playing. It was only the two of us…in my world.

♡Our Last Dance♡


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