2019 {#9} ” The Zen Garden In My Mind”  © August 3, 2019

While visiting in my hometown

There was a euphoric calming effect

That the river placed upon me

The gentle sounds of the water

That trickled along the banks

Also the fresh smell of the water

It is something that you just never have

When you live in the desert

It’s the Zen Garden in my mind

Blessed are the people living here

And yet

These people don’t utilize their natural delights

I soaked it up as long as I possibly could

Enjoying even the tiniest of the wildflowers

That grow effortlessly everywhere

It’s those simple little things

That I treasure the most

Being so very lucky

To have found that inner peace

As of today

I am back in the desert

My euphoria was shot to Hell

By a man

Shouting loudly that everyone is a meth-head

F-bombs also flying and looks that would kill

I feared another mass shooting could erupt

I was his cashier

I smiled and said, “Have a wonderful afternoon.”

Later he came back and apologized


Where was my river?

Where was my peaceful solitude when I needed it most?

Back at home

I slipped a cassette into the player

And just like the feelings

That my hometown river gives me

His voice comforts me


He will always be my hometown hero

Closing my eyes

I let his voice carry me off into another world

This will be as close to nirvana

As I’m ever going to get


Let me stay a little longer

It’s just

The Zen Garden In My Mind




2019 {#8} “HELLA HAIL” © August 1, 2019

Hella Hail Baby

Don’t do it

What those lips want to say

That pen will write down with a heated passion

Words flow effortlessly on paper


You had better stop those jets now

In the book of life

Hella Hail is pounding down with a singular motion

As it was written long ago


Meaning no one else

And yet your pen continues to write


You do love him

Forget all those emotions

Do not write about this any longer

Take caution

Mercury retrograde my ass

It’s a poisonous kiss of death

Hella Hail Baby

It’s all just a little too late

It shall reign for all of eternity

And you

Alone with just your pen and paper



Inspired by a painting from my friend Bill Olsen and killer hain in Texas July 2019.


2019 {#6} ” Hell’s Bells Boom” © July 23, 2019

The ultimate lifetime high

Happened last night

All the years of growing up only a few blocks from him

All the years of fantasizing about meeting him

Now over

She went soaring into the night

With a moment that almost didn’t happen

Scared stiff

Not being able to move

Prompted by loving family members

Then stifled by herself


You only live once

Now or never little fool

Go for it

It was a photo op of a lifetime

That’s all she ever wanted

Her idol

And he was so nice

Treating her gingerly with respect

Time flashed by quickly


Down by the river she sits alone

Wearing dark sun glasses

As to not let anyone who might pass by

See that she is crying

The ultimate lifetime high

Has passed

It’s over

She is crashing

Crashing lower than she has ever been

A boat races by

Pulling a lone water skier off into the distance

Is that all there is to life?

Can she possibly ride life’s wave until the end?

But there is nothing left

The thrill is over

She achieved it all in that flash moment

Her ultimate lifetime high

And now

Checking out

There isn’t even any one to say goodbye to

Like the water skier

She should just let go of the handle

But unlike him

Not swimming to shore


There is nothing or nobody waiting for her

No one cares




2019 {#5} “Tbe City Cafe” © May 25, 2019

The City Cafe.
I worked here for 1 day as a waitress. It was Easter Sunday maybe 1997. I had never been a real waitress before and I’ve never tried again. I can not write in a waitress language. The place was packed with a waiting line out the door. Taking orders and carrying stuff was total chaos. They let me go after just a couple hours. The City Cafe and Imperial 400 Motel were on the corners of Andy Devine and Stockton Hill Road where Walgreens now stands.

2019 {#4} “Mom’s Bel Air 65/66″© May 7, 2019

This was the car my mom had. At the time, they were basically a worthless car and it was all she could afford and even as a child….I thought this car was wonderful. Driving to Byron it threw a rod coming up to Kennedy Hill on Route 2 along the Rock River. My brothers were babies and I must have been around 7 or 8 years old. Mom stayed with the boys in the car and I had to walk to Kennedy Hill and the up to the first house on the right to have them call my grandparents for help. I can still feel relieved as my Grandpa Ippen came to the rescue.


2019 (#3) “Winning in Rockford” © April 25, 2019

I won a contest on the radio in Rockford late 70’s. They asked the question, “What was Bob Dylan’s estranged wife’s name?” I thought it was too easy so I didn’t call at first. The the dj comes on the air and says..”We still don’t have a winner”, so I called. I got through and they asked me the question and I said SARAH. Of course it was right and I so won dinner at Nicks! Don’t remember eating it . . . BUT I WON.

Music…Need I say more?