2018 {#15} “I PICKED HIM” © May 23, 2018

I picked him

Out of a cast of thousands

It was his eyes

What color are they, anyway?

It does not matter

And that smile

That big, beautiful smile

Even after all of these years

That smile hasn’t changed a bit

I still see a young man

Beaming with life

And this man

Is now playing the lead role

In all of my fantasy writings

Me, the damsel in distress

Being rescued by Thor

He is my God of Thunder

And if you know him

Then you certainly know

He is and always will be

A God of Thunder

This title fits him perfectly

And the next time that I have a chance

I will look deeply

Into those beautiful eyes of his

Seeing their true colors

And feel that thundering power

That I know

Still resides deep within him

If I can shake his hand

The empath: me

Will feel what his hands once felt

And then you will see as I see

He hasn’t changed over the years

Only this world has

I will hold his hands inside of mine

For the rest of eternity


I picked him



2018 {#14} “When We Talk” © April 12, 2018

When we talk

He is just a heartless

Son Of A Bitch

Doesn’t he think it hurts me

When talking about all of his other women

Younger women

And that he’s afraid of something

Performance maybe

Doesn’t he think it hurts me

When he calls

He talks about what these women do to him

Or that young girl….blaa…blaa…blaa

Hundreds of women

And he wants to please them all

Oh, please…REALLY?

He even admits

That these women

Hundreds of women

Are all “In Love” with him

Doesn’t he think that it might hurt them too

So why does he call me

Tells me he hates me

Then tries to make arrangements for us to meet again

He has all those other experienced women

I can’t compete with them

Living up to those expectations

I don’t want to

Doesn’t he think it hurts me


I know who this younger woman is

And yes

She too…. as well as myself

Are in love with him

Doesn’t he think it hurts her

Doesn’t he think it hurts me

No, he doesn’t think at all

He wants to be treated like a King

And I guess a King doesn’t have to think

We are just his loyal subjects

Whimsical and disposable

I am the lucky one

Getting his cosmopolitan phone call

When he calls

He is just a heartless

Son Of A Bitch


2018 {#13} “1974, Dark Memories Aren’t Really Dark”© April 2, 2018

These flash backs in time

Seem so dark

Like they are taking place at night

But at last

The light has broken through

It wasn’t dark

It wasn’t night

The main road ran north and south

Maybe it was a highway


From the motel my family and I were living in

On the south side of that motel

There was a side street

As best as I can remember

It ran only east from the motel

We would walk only a few blocks…

~Something about a stop light???

I can’t seem to remember it


We had to turn left


And under bridges

Huge freeway bridges

This was the path to his house

And that is where all the darkness

Comes into play with my memories

It was always dark under the bridge

Pieces flash before me

But it doesn’t all fit at once

We were together for such a short time

Then my family packed it all up again and left

I had to leave him behind

I pray

That more of these little snippets of time

Come back to me

These dark memories aren’t really dark

They were filled with love and light

It was 1974


2018 {#10} “Realm of Insanity” © March 22, 2018

Have I crossed over yet?

Into the realm of insanily?

Choosing to crush on someone past

Instead of the current time, as in now

What is

Or what was, real

I just don’t know anymore

The now, of what was


Was it?

I knew him

At least I think I did

Didn’t I?

Lost in an imaginary realm of insanity

I am safe here

Never letting anyone else in


Those silent voices are shouting my name

Making me remember things of my past

That were long ago and forgotten about

Oh, woe is me

Crushing on memories

That I

Can still feel so very deeply


A gentle breeze brushes up against me

I see on the ground beside me

Lies a heart-shaped rock

Like it or not

He is here

Guiding me

As this portal remains open

I acknowledge his presence to be pure

Wanting only the best for me


He rocks me to sleep

Into my realm of insanity


Photo by Fifi and I am Fifi

Music…Need I say more?