2020 #10 “Zeno’s Motel” © August 27, 2020

We stopped here many years ago. We were staying at The Drury Inn just east of Zeno’s Motel. Picked up matchbooks or whatever I could find for Xeno. Randall Hogan. This motel is now closed/gone. I just bought this postcard on eBay for my personal memories of traveling back and forth to and from Illinois/California/Arizona, we always passed the billboard advertising this Motel. Rolla, Missouri ROUTE 66. I remember it long before this trip. So thankful that I stopped this one time and went inside ♡ Max and Harry must have been babies. I do remember it was raining.~vicki~

2020 #8 “Walmart July 26, 2020” © July 26, 2020

Well that was almost a panic attack. My chest hurts. Went to Walmart for the first time since Feb. WTFlip did I buy? 8 cans of tuna. 5 – 1 pound rolls of frozen turkey meat (mechanically separated), 2 vegetable oil sprays, tomatoes which were bad so I didn’t get many, 2 bottles of mouthwash, 2 strawberry apple sauces..the 8 pack minis for work…. IT DIDN’T MAKE SENSE. I haven’t been inside Walmart since the remodel and I was lost. People are A-holes. Nobody follows the signs on row directions. What part of DO NOT ENTER don’t you understand? I was vocal about it. BUT…..Good things do happen here ***Lots of real cashiers!!! I love real cashiers ♡ Social Distancing waiting in line and this guy behind me was breathing down my neck. When the people ahead of me moved up…he tried to go ahead of me…REALLY??? I AM A PARANOID WOMAN HAVING A HOT FLASH…. DON’T EVEN TRY IT BUDDY


2020 #7 “Grandpa’s Handkerchief” © July 19, 2020

My grandpa’s handkerchief. I never really looked at it this closely before. My mom or my grandmother must have lovingly made it for him. Look at the tiny little hand sewn stitches. I wish I would have known the history of this handkerchief. Stories lost with time. Grandma and Grandpa were in my dreams last night. Getting on the train to go home. In the mid 70’s they took Amtrak from Illinois to California round trip to visit us. They also took the bus one time. I wish my memory was better.


2020 #6 “Zody’s, North Long Beach and The Luau Manor” © June 19, 2020

1971. We were poor. Mom worked her ass off but we were still poor. Living in the Luau Manor apartments in North Long Beach, California was still fun under the circumstance. The department store Zody’s was kitty corner and Eton’s Market across the street. Eton’s Market let my mom run a line of credit. Bless their hearts. Kmart was just down the street on the left.

It was around Christmas time. I would dumpster dive in Zody’s dumpsters. They threw out so much good stuff. I found wrapping paper too. I supplied all of our Christmas presents that year. Also, on the vacant lot next to Zody’s on the corner there was a Christmas tree lot. Days before Christmas it was abandoned. I brought a beautiful tree home and set it up. Put all the presents I had wrapped under it. We would not have had a tree that year but things just fell into place. Raymond Daily and I somehow took over the lot selling all of the trees! The electricity was still on so we had lights at night. We sold the trees very cheap, maybe $5 each. Raymond and I split the money 50/50. I think I bought my mom something nice and myself something but gave her most of the money.

I remember we had a cheap artificial cardboard fireplace and my younger brothers put on a show in front of our personal apartment and charged the neighborhood children .25 cents to watch.

It was a Merry Christmas.


note: I’ve tried to find Raymond Daily several times over the years…without any luck.

2020 #5 “A Dream That I Had” © 4-21-2020

My last dream of the night was wonderful. It started out as filming a video of Cheap Trick…Robin in his 20’s then went to his 40’s then now…but it was filmed doing the same thing in each generation. Just him aging changed. When it got to the now…He was not wearing a hat. His hair was long but pulling up but not a man bun. We started talking about different song lyrics. Then Rick pulled up driving a golf cart. He joined in about different song lyrics. He started to leave but couldn’t find his wallet. It was in the back behind the headrest side by side with a sub sandwich. Then I woke up.


2020 #3 “He Loves Me” © February 28, 2020

Harry has crooked teeth which make it hard for him to eat apples. We have a couple of the apple slicers that you push down over it and slices the whole apple. During the night, Harry must have eaten the last apple. This morning I opened up the refrigerator door and here this is. He saved me the core! He knows that there is still a lot of apple here and I will eat this. Bless his heart. It’s the little things that show me that….”He Loves Me”.


2020 #2 “He’s Crafty” © February 25, 2020

OMG HARRY He’s decided to clean out the bathroom sink pipes because I guess it quit draining. TOO FLIPPING FUNNY. He’s gagging. Saying oh gross…mom why does it smell? He’s talking a mile a minute then taking the bathroom garbage outside now. He got it draining perfectly. BUT LISTENING TO HIM I COULD HAVE WET MYSELF LAUGHING. I let him rant for a good 10 minutes before I had to LAUGH OUT LOUD.


Music…Need I say more?