2019 (#1) “BE GONE DEVIL” © January 17, 2019



May I use the word…PRICK?


Since 2013

5 years now

I made him my world

It is 2019

It will all stop here and now

Be Gone Devil

Fool me no more


He makes up these prefabricated stories

To make himself look good

Twisting things and words

To where he is doing nothing wrong

Over and over

Committing the same sins

Praying for forgiveness

Then the very next day

Doing it all over and over again

Be Gone Devil


Our God is a loving God

And this mortal man thinks

All is forgiven

And that he can keep doing the same sins

I think not

He might have some explaining to do

When he meets his maker

Be Gone Devil

I am not your judge

I could be wrong too

So from this point on

I will eliminate this blackness from my life

In my heart of hearts

To be with him

It is a sin

Be Gone Devil


I rebuke him in my life

It is time to live again

It is time to love again

A pure love

One filled with innocents

Not one of selfishness, greed and lust

Be Gone Devil

I loved you



2018 {#43} “The Man On The Banks” © December 20, 2018

It was a hot summer day in Rockford, Illinois… sometime late 1970’s.

My friend Tonya hung around with a different kind of crowd than I. She was into bikers at the time. They were all heading out to a park. I think she was still with the guy I called Scum Bagger. It was really Sand Digger but that’s another story on why I called him that. I was following them in Tonya’s car. She was on the Harley with him. Me, in the only car, by myself. How was I supposed to know I’m to follow behind all of the bikes…REALLY? They didn’t like me anyway. We all arrived at this park. Everyone was getting high and drinking…except me. I walked down to the river and sat there. I heard soft music. Directly across the river/lake/creek was a guy. He was all by himself playing his guitar. It was so nice to find peace amongst the chaos. I bet I sat there listening to him for over an hour. I don’t remember anything else. But all these years later, I still remember the man on the banks. My guardian angel.


2018 {#42} “Mom meets Robbin Crosby of Ratt” © December 20, 2018

Must have been the early 1980’s. Mom and I and my brother Christopher were staying at a Best Western hotel in Hollywood and picking up my friend Anne for the Cheap Trick concert at The Palace Theatre. We were sitting in the upstairs bar when Robbin Crosby walks in with his girlfriend. He is so tall and wearing a beautiful long white coat. My mother has no idea who he is. She walks right over to him and says MY GOD YOU’RE GORGEOUS and gives him a big hug not letting go. I go up to him and apologize. I told him she has no idea who he is. He hugged her back and said that it was alright! He was so nice to my mother. My mother was a tiny thing and to have this hunk of man hugging her was so cute. I wish that I had a picture of this.

Rest in Peace

Robbin Crosby and Sharon Joan Ippen Gibbons Forrest Courtois

Mom like looking out the hotel window. The Pimps and Hookers and drug deals going on right outside our window. The girls wouldn’t even clean up after a John. They just went from car to car…yuck. Mom said it was better than TV.


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2018 {#41} “BATHROOM BARBARA ANN” © November 14, 2018

I was living in Downey, California on Woodruff, maybe 1978. I was taking a shower with the bathroom window….. that was in the shower… open. This also opened to a walkway between the apartment buildings. I started singing a song by The Beach Boys, BARBARA ANN, afterall it was California. It was great when 2 other guys also taking a shower in the apartments joined in. Sooo fun. I never found out who they were. Probably too embarrassed but the acoustics were great.


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2000 (1979) “CAN I KISS YOU?” © May 23, 2000

Remember when Rockford was HOT

Oh, Baby

We were all twisted at the right spot

The music was rhythmically wild

Dancing, Drinking, Kissing was the style

Can I kiss you?

I was approached at The Great Illinois Purchase

Can I kiss you? He said

Everyone was too busy drinking and dancing

Of course I said the wrong thing

NO….do you have herpes or something

But the music played on

And I danced

So much for romance

The foot having fun on the dance floor

Was now firmly embedded in my mouth

I am so sorry

But Hey, Rockford was HOT

I lit up a cigar

I didn’t have time to stop

OK….Fast Forward

Rockford 2000

Excuse me… Excuse me

Can I kiss you?


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2000 (1981) “UNIQUE, AND HE WAS” (unique, the cock dress) © March 30, 2000

It was just a typical work day for me at the local J. C. Penney Department Store in Rockford, Illinois. It must have been late summer or early fall because it was still very warm. I might have been wearing my cock dress. I called it that because it had fighting roosters on it. Or I could have been wearing a gold Lamè mini skirt or something quite wild along those lines of the 1980’s thrift store clothing specials. I shopped the thrift stores religiously every week. Looking for something different…something one of a kind…unique! That day I was working in the women’s department…ringing up a customer or hanging up more clothing on racks, when I just happened to glance thru the doorway and I saw HIM. I have no idea who he was. But he looked totally dapper in his camouflage outfit. Something came over me. He seemed to turn my entire soul inside out. It was only for a brief moment in time and I was totally sucked into him. This man was something different….something one of a kind…unique! And he was watching me. This was the best day I had ever had at the local J. C. Penney Department Store. What made it so special was…I was watching him… watching me…


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Music…Need I say more?